We have several farming sites on Loch Fyne for queen scallops and oysters and are cultivated using a low maintenance hands off holistic approach. The molluscs get all the nutrients they need straight from the water thus we have little impact on the ecology of the water. We reject chemical input as we believe it jeopardises the vitality of our waters.

The business is always looking for innovative ways to nurture the shellfish in our care. For instance, any berried lobsters (still has its clutch of eggs attached) that are brought ashore go back into the loch onto the farm site in order for the eggs to be given a chance to hatch and go into the ecosystem as nature intended. We believe it’s these easy little changes if taken up by the many will go a long way to the health and regeneration of our natural resources.

We have four of our own boats: Morning Light, the Majestic, the Solus and the Ceothous Two of which have their own government-issued license to fish for razor clams under a new sustainability trial scheme whereby the boat has a daily quota of how many kilograms (all hand dived) the boat can catch and only 28 boats have this licence throughout Scotland. We are proud to be a part of this trial as it shows the industry is making positive changes to responsibly manage our waters to avoid the devastation of over-fishing.