Founded in 1987, Loch Fyne Seafarms Ltd is a company proud of its heritage and provenance supporting sustainability and harmony with nature. Based in Tarbert, Loch Fyne (a tidal loch on the west coast of Scotland) we are a growing and thriving shellfish processing and international export business.  Our wonderful products reach as far as North America all the way across to Far East Asia and almost everywhere else in between.  We have established strong links with fishermen who we know and trust, can track the catch and deliver to you, our customer always ensuring the highest level of quality product and customer service.

The beautiful mineral-rich waters of the west coast of Scotland provide us with the best premium shellfish available on the market today.

We passionately advocate sustainability, responsible fisheries management and research is at the heart of our core values as a business.  We fully support progress within the industry which will enable our oceans to become healthier and managed properly with respect for nature, whilst helping to ensure that small, local businesses are able to flourish.

We encourage customers to try something new and out of their comfort zone whilst re-engaging in the origin of the food on their plate and realising its value.  If you haven’t tried it or cooked it before – don’t let that put you off, it’s an opportunity to get involved and fall in love with the delicious offerings of our oceans.

We have agreements with local fishermen with small vessels (some not bigger than a raft) to help support and grow the fishing community around us.  We are expanding the business at the moment and hoping to employ more of the local people around us to boost the economy and reignite the passion for fishing which has been so entrenched in our region for centuries before us but it at risk of becoming lost altogether.

We have set up and initiated a working relationship with Glasgow University on research projects designed to give us a better understanding of the ecology, marine wildlife, habitat, toxicology and external impacts on the waters around us.

As a business we recognise the need to reduce our carbon footprint and become ‘greener’ – this is something we are actively striving to improve.  Our polystyrene boxes are recycled in conjunction with another local business and we are always looking for ways to substitute unrecyclable materials.  We hope one day to be 100% landfill free.